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We provide many ways to look at what is going on within RonDB. The most important manner to see what is going on inside the data nodes is by using the ndbinfo tables. We will go through all of those tables, what they contain and how their information can be used.

We have also made a few special tools that provide an easy view of some graphical information through a normal terminal interface using so called ASCII graphs. The first tool implemented in this fashion is ndb_top that displays the CPU usage of various threads in an NDB data node.

The management client provides a number of commands to the management server to view cluster state, manage backups and perform graceful shutdowns of nodes as well as starting them again.

We also have two types of system logs that contain a lot of information about specific events in RonDB. Most of these log messages are of informational nature, but there is also some warnings and error messages sent this way. It is also possible to print various messages to the cluster log through DUMP commands in the management client.

The node logs are mostly quiet, they do however report a fair amount of information during node restarts and various warning messages. We will go through some of those messages.