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Configure RonDB#

Configuration of RonDB nodes#

RonDB consists a number of different nodes. We have the RonDB management server that handles the configuration of the RonDB cluster, we have the RonDB data nodes that contain the actual data in RonDB, we have the MySQL servers that enable users to access data in RonDB through an SQL interface and we have API nodes from where users of the native RonDB APIs can access the data in RonDB.

Configuration of a RonDB cluster includes setting up which computers are part of the RonDB cluster and where they are located (usually their IP address and port number). There are also a wide variety of configuration parameters affecting the operation of the various nodes. Finally we have the configuration of the MySQL Servers that also have many different configuration parameters.

The aim in RonDB is to remove the need for most of the configuration handling except the requirement to define the nodes in the RonDB cluster and where they are located. However we want it to possible to change all aspects of the configuration of even the nodes in the RonDB cluster. This means adding more replicas to the node groups and adding more node groups without any downtime of RonDB.

With this aim we will focus on documenting those parameters that we think are parameters that have the potential to be set differently for different users. Thus the RonDB source code might have loads of configuration parameters that are possible to set, but they are not intended for use with RonDB.

Our intention is that all configuration parameters that are documented should, if possible, be possible to change as online operations through the RonDB management client. This is already the case for configuration parameters in the MySQL Server. For the MySQL Server we will only document if we introduce any deviations from the configuration parameters available in the MySQL documentation. Our aim is however the same for the MySQL Servers, that the user should not have to worry about configuration parameters.